Sync Gateway Questions

Recently I’ve installed couchbase sync-gateway, and i’m having following issues from step one,

When doing an initial replication from couchbase to pouchdb through syncgateway, there are excess documents coming through. Eg: Having only 3 objects on couchbase bucket but syncgateway returns more than 3 documents.

Inconsistent data when using filters

There’s no proper document/log why this is happening. Does anyone know why this is? And how to resolve them

@titusjamestj, Are you saying that there are 3 documents on couchbase buckets, but you see more than 3 documents on syncgateway. Are they duplicate documents or different documents? Data should not be inconsistent.

Can you provide versions of couchbase server and sync gateway? Also provide sync-gateway config file you are using.

When you say inconsistent data when using filters, how are you filtering data in sync gateway?

Also, if possible can you provide sg collect log which can grab all the logs of sync gateway and couchbase server which can help in debugging. You can redact log if you do not want to hide sensitive data. This is available only with sync gateway 2.1 and later.

some docs about sync gateway set up : .

How to redact and collect logs :