Syncgateway to PouchDB sync


I have a question on sync-gateway documents sync to our mobile app.
Ours is a hybrid app with PouchDB as the local DB and syncgateway in the middle of Couchbase server and client.
We have around 3000 documents in Couchbase server and once the user logged in and subscribes we expect all the docs to sync to pouch db. When watching the network requests we see lots of _all_docs=true requests and _changes with limit 75 are going on and after everything seems peaceful and requests are no longer appears in network tab, we go off line and check the data one by one .
What we see is some data has loaded but some are not.
Then again we go on line and still we don’t see any syncing happens.
The question I have is, how can we debug this issue? How can we identify what issue is causing the data not syncing 100% and it gets petrified at a certain level and never start syncing back again? Any help to trouble shooting the issue would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!

The _changes requests by PouchDB are just to get the IDs of the docs to be pulled. The requests that actually download the documents are GET requests to /dbname/docid/, or possibly to /dbname/_all_docs or /dbname/_bulk_get. In the latter 2 cases the docIDs would appear either in the URL’s query parameters or in a JSON array in the body.

Thanks a lot for the insights!!! I’m learning things from the beginning.