Data sync between couchbase sync-gateway and pouchdb is inconsistent

I have setup Couchbase Sync Gateway sync function for PouchDB however the replication between these databases is sometimes inconsistent and also at some point it takes longer time to sync like there’s some delay.

When I start the sync gateway manually, sync works fine however if I start the couchbase sync gateway via the service the database replication is active but sometimes it doesn’t sync and for that we have to start it manually again.

Please let us know how to proceed further.

Your description doesn’t really provide enough information to identify the problem (or the cause of the problem).

There shouldn’t be any difference between manual SG startup and service-based startup, but I guess it’s possible that your client may have issues if it’s trying to hit SG before it starts up.

Beyond that, taking a look at the Sync Gateway logs in both cases might help to identify differences.

Thanks for the input Adam.
This issue happens randomly and i have pouchdb debug enabled to monitor the pull and push requests, it is difficult to trace it but I will check with the SG server logs and client.

And i also referred the discussion in topic Delayed Response by SyncGW randomly.

I will cross check all the above mentioned and if in case i still have an issue i will provide detailed description with logs.