Sync Gateway for OEL Servers

We didn’t find any installer of Sync Gateway OEL servers. Can someone help me here. Since there is support for Couchbase Server, we planned for a production release and now we are stuck.

If you are installing from a .pkg distribution, what is the error that you get during installation?

Here are the steps i was trying

$ wget
$ rpm --install couchbase-sync-gateway-enterprise_1.3.1-16_x86_64.rpm
$ /opt/couchbase-sync-gateway/service/
ERROR: unknown OS "OracleServer"
This script creates an init service to run a sync_gateway instance.
If you want to install more than one service instance
create additional services with different names.
-h --help
–runas=<The user account to run sync_gateway as; default (sync_gateway)>
–runbase=<The directory to run sync_gateway from; defaut (/home/sync_gateway)>
–sgpath=<The path to the sync_gateway executable; default (/opt/couchbase-sync-gateway/bin/sync_gateway)>
–cfgpath=<The path to the sync_gateway JSON config file; default (/home/sync_gateway/sync_gateway.json)>
–logsdir=<The path to the log file direcotry; default (/home/sync_gateway/logs)>


There is a github issue for this, I have updated the ticket with a potential workaround.

@ajaykoppisetty did you get this resolved? Which version of OEL are you on?

Hi @hod.greeley we have solved the issue with --ignoreos parameter in the install command

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@ajaykoppisetty did it set up the boot scripts for you as well?

I apologize, I wrote a blog post about this but forgot to add it to the discussion. Here’s the link:

thank you @hod.greeley