Problem in installing Sync Gateway


i am trying to install Sync Gate way , (Windows 8,64bit)
but it is showing some error (attach image file)…does any one know how to resolve this error… ?? please help me out…

I can’t see what program the installer is trying to use that’s missing. Can you copy the full error message and post it?

@andy, I think you built the Windows installer … any idea what’s going on here?


Which version of Sync Gateway are you installing?

Is this the first time you have installed Sync Gateway on that machine or are you upgrading a previous verison?

Yes I am installing it for first time .
version : couchbase-sync-gateway-enterprise_1.2.0-83_x86_64

it is not showing the full err


There is an issue with the 1.2.0 Windows installer, can you download and try to install Sync Gateway 1.2.1.

The 1.2.1 installer is available from the downloads section of the Couchbase Web site.

solved…Thank you !