I'm unable to install sync gateway in windows server 2012 r2

I’m unable to install sync gateway in windows server 2012 R2, But I can install couchbase server.

The error is "Service Couchbase Sync Gateway failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services."

But the user account has full admin rights and able to install all other software and services

Could you please someone help me on this to fix this issue?

@nagarajan, error looks like generic. It needs access to system services. Were you able to start any other system services successfully and having issue only with sync gateway?

is sync gateway installed successfully?

@sridevi.saragadam, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I recently installed Apache tomcat and Couchbase database server those are all working fine.

I’m having only issue with sync gateway and unable to install because service is not starting .

If you can give me a clear picture about sync gateway while installing what are all the access and services it is trying to pick for installation that would be helpful for me to check in the windows server 2012.

Also I have attached the screenshot.

Can you install on C drive , but not on E drive? It needs to install on C drive.

@sridevi.saragadam, I tried in C drive as well as it 's default program location, There also getting the same error.