Stuck in pending after update to 6.5

Last night, the yum automatically update my couchbase server community version from 6.0 to 6.5.
After that, all the buckets were stuck in “pending” status.

In the “Log” section, I see:

Compactor for database bucketname (pid [{type,database},
{[{type,bucket}]}]}}]) terminated unexpectedly: {timeout,

Please let me know how could I rescue my data, I don’t think that I should expect losing all my data after a sleep. Thanks!

@littlewitchanita We have not released couchbase server community version 6.5 yet. Are you upgrading from community version from 6.0 to Enterprise version 6.5?


Same problem. After update (ubuntu 16.04) the bucket is stuck in pending status.

It looks like there is a problem with short timeout during warmup. When I change AWS instance type to faster one (c5.2xlarge - 6.5 M documents) bucket is loaded successfully.

@raju any update? Please see my screenshots that I really got updated to Community 6.5.0…

Hi littlewichanita,
Thanks for using our software.
I follow steps to create a cluster of 2 nodes with Couchbase server version 6.0.0 CE. 2 servers are centos 7.7, 4 GB RAM and 4 cores cpu.
I create 3 buckets and one bucket loaded with 2 millions docs.
After upgrade using yum, all 3 buckets back to nomal state.
Could you tell us more about your cluster ? About RAM, cpu, disk space, active docs resident percent, etc…
Then we could reproduce your issue in our system.

Hi @thuan,

I’ve recovered the data using cbbackup directly from the file directory.
I’m now more concerned about my VM updated the Couchbase version to Community 6.5.0, which is not released.