Couchbase buckets shutting down and server going to pending state


I have the following environment:
Couchbase version: Version: 2.1.1 community edition (build-764)
3 node couchbase cluster

We find the following errors listed in couchbase UI Log:

  1. Haven’t heard from a higher priority node or a master, so I’m taking over.
  2. Shutting down bucket “our_bucket” on ‘ns_1@our_ip’ for server shutdown

Could you please tell me what could cause this issue?
Richards Peter.

Hi All,
Any update on the below issue?. We are using couchbase-client-1.4.2.jar.

Error message:-
Shutting down bucket “Sample” on ‘ns_1@’ for server shutdown ns_memcached002 ns_1@ 22:33:51 - Tue Aug 11, 2015

As per the error message, there has been some kind of communication error between the different nodes in the cluster; which has caused the specified node to take over as the orchestrator node in the cluster.

Sounds like some kind of operator-initiated server shutdown.

Hi drigby,
Thanks for the reply. Regarding bucket shutdown There was no manual server shutdown initiated by us. During this error message we have seen from couchbase UI that the buckets gone to pending state and client started failing.
Is there any issues in couchbase client version 1.4.2 or server 2.1.1 and it fixed in later version?.

Is there any co-relation with memory or cpu reaching high and this happens?


I suspect the “pending” state for this “Shutting down bucket”.
and I think machines go to pending state when there is some resource crunch, like less RAM is available.
@drigby ,any others: Can you please tell me from where I can learn more about the couchbase “pending” (warm-up) state ?
What does it mean, when it occurs, how to resolve this state, etc.