Strange logs from Couchbase library: [cb,WARN] [cb,ERR]

Hi, we started noticing these logs:

[cb,WARN] (server L:389 I:3) <IP:11210> (SRV=0x55664c3cc9f0,IX=0) Failing command (pkt=0x55664cc083c0, opaque=40094, opcode=0x0) with error 0x17
[cb,EROR] (server L:472 I:3) <IP:11210> (SRV=0x55664c3cc9f0,IX=0) Server timed out. Some commands have failed
[cb,WARN] (server L:249 I:3) <IP:11210> (SRV=0x55664c3cc9f0,IX=0) Found stale packet (OP=0x0, RC=0x0, SEQ=36681)

We have a cluster of 3 nodes having Couchbase CE 4.1.1 and the API servers having PHP SDK 2.2.3 with libcouchbase 2.6.2 and we recently started noticing the above logs. How can we investigate about what those log mean?


They mean that one of the operations has been timed out.

Can we avoid this error increasing operation timeout or should we act on couchbase architecture? The error doesn’t occur often, in our usage conditions less than 20 times a week.

If it matters, we actually have 3 r3.xlarge instances (4 cores, 30.5 GB ram each) in AWS cluster and we will soon switch to r4.xlarge instances, that is the new version.

Thank you

increasing timeout is one way, retrying the operation is another

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