Couchbase getting timed out again and again

Hi All,

I have established a 3 node Couchbase (4.5.1) Clutser and I am using two different methods for performing the tasks on the documents -->

1) I am using JAVA (2.4.3) SDKs to perform the operations on the cluster. Initially, I was getting a timeout exception. So, I explicitly increased the timeout in the couchbase environment

**CouchbaseEnvironment env= DefaultCouchbaseEnvironment.builder()**
**connectTimeout(10000) // default is 5s**

After that I was able to connect to my cluster and perform the operations.
But every once in a while, when I run my Java program, I again get the same timeout Exception. Then, if I immediately execute it again then it will execute just fine.

Why is CouchBase giving such random timeouts

2) I am also integrating the Couchbase Server with IIB, which uses its own IBM JAVA. After 2-3 days of functioning, since last week, I am not able to perform any function. As it is also facing the timeout exception.
To overcome this, I increased the timeout from 5 sec to 10 sec. After some time, this timeout also seemed less. So, I increased the timeout to 50 secs, which worked just fine.
Again after sometime, these 50 secs were too less for the clutsr and I again started getting the timeout exception.
Just like lats time, I again increased it (this time 80 secs), which worked for some time, but later it again seemed less for the cluster and I again got the same error.

The odd thing is that, if I get the timeout exception the first time and I increase it to 50 sec (from 10 secs) or 80 sec( from 50 secs) and then after one successful execution, if I again reduced it to 10 secs, then also it will execute successfully.
But since last week, I am not able to perform any task

@Prasad_JavaGeek How am I supposed to work with uncertain cluster in a PROD environment. Any ideas as in how to solve this issue ?