Spring - Plans for Spring Search API?

The Spring Data project looks cool and is definitely appealing to us, (Java) developers.
However, since Couchbase has just added Full Text Search capabilities, it would be nice to have a Search/Index API as well.
Spring already has such a project for ElasticSearch/MongoDB, so providing such API will help us to simply annotate the search-related fields and have a functionally-compatible solution.

As opposed to other solutions, Couchbase allows us to store both objects AND search indices in one place and that’s a major advantage (collocation is usually the reason why indexing is relatively slow).
Search API, Spring-style, will bring it to the next level (Search-related Annotations like @Document, etc).


Hi @aharonyhh,

It has been discussed, but currently isn’t a high priority. You can track it here: https://jira.spring.io/browse/DATACOUCH-333