Ektorp for couchbase

Hi, are there any libraries like Ektorp (https://github.com/helun/Ektorp) that works with couchbase server? Specifically I’m looking to avoid doing the json -> pojo -> json conversions myself using jackson.

Ektorp provides a generic repository that enables crud++ operations for domain objects. That’d been sweet.

Thanks for any help or hints…


Couchbase does not have today such library. We are currently working on some solutions (still under development) that could help you:

You can obviously use directly Jackson and the Couchbase API Directly,

Do you have some specific requirements/ideas?


Thanks for the reply and the links! Think I’ll try experimenting a bit more with the Spring Data approach.

Since I’m a bit new with couchbase I need to let it mature a bit, but basically my instincts tells me that a full-blown “OGM” might be overkill here, yet having to implementt all those toJson/fromJson mechanics and wiring seems a bit too “frameworky”. If I discover anything clever I’ll let you know.


Adding Jackson to the couchbase java sdk would be a great feature.
This optional feature would implicitly add “data type validation”.
I would use it for updating and inserting sensible documents.
The latest jackson versions have also annotations for mismatch problems (example: attribute was added to document but not implemented yet in the pojo).