Elastic search is great, but any road map for a similar Solr connector?

There are still a few critical features not on the Elastic search (e.g. field collapsing), which for us, is a must have, so would be great to see a connector to Solr. Any plans?

This one is a tough one it would be great to have a Solr plugin. All technology has its seasons Spring, Summer, Fall , and Winter , then dies. I think that Solr is its Summer or Fall. As ElasticSearch is its early Spring.


Not planned for now, Couchbase is quite happy with the Elasticsearch plugin and it looks like Elasticsearch is currently the most interesting technology for search/indexing.

As you know Couchbase is an open source project and many things can come from the community; but I have not heard about a Solr-Couchbase plugin.


I agree, Elastic search is great. But, for us it lacks a critical feature (Field Collapsing/Combining - https://github.com/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/issues/256).

But your right, if we go down the couchbase route, we would/could just scratch our own itch.

Thanks for the reply.