"Site can't be reached" error trying to use community couchbase

I am running Mac OSX 10.11.4 (El Capitan)

When I download the enterprise version of couchbase, I am able to access the admin console by going to localhost:8091. But, when I boot the community version, I still see the application boot up, but I cannot access the console at all.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is there something i’m missing?

This appears to be a repeat of the post a few days ago: Cannot connect to port 8091 on localhost after installation

But I wanted to add some more info:

When I run netstat -a -b -p tcp when running the enterprise couchbase server, I get the expected output with *.* localhost:8091 LISTEN. But, When I run the community version, my netstat has no such line. I experienced this error on both the couchbase releases for Mac OSX (there is one experimental version for 10.11 and one for previous OSes).