Set last sequence number for couchbase lite

We are trying to load initial data to couchbase lite for ourselves. After getting the last sequence number from sync gateway GET /db call and using update_seq as latest sequence number, how do I set same sequence number to my couchbase lite database? In .net couchbase lite SDK, there is a property LastSequenceNumber but it is deprecated, is there other way to set last sequence number in couchbase lite through either .net api? The platform is windows, using .net couchbase lite SDK 1.3.

The last sequence number is not something you set yourself. There is no reason for you to want to alter it.

If I don’t set last sequence number, couchbase lite will sync from sequence number 0 which I have already put to couchbase lite anyway. I only want to sync the docs which has been changed after last sequence number.

How are you loading the initial data? You need to start with a database that’s been synced with the server, copy that into your application, and then on first launch install that database using the appropriate Manager method. The database will already contain a replication checkpoint, so when the replicator runs it will start where it left off.