Manage Sequence during Push Replication

I want to send 5 documents (1,2 3,4,5) with attachment to server and once everything is uploaded then only I want one specific small document(6) to be uploaded on server.
Is there any way with Push replication I manage this sequence? What is the default sequence?

Currently I create 6 documents sequentially (1,2,3,4,5,6) however 6th doc is being uploaded before top 5. I want to force Push replication to push in the same sequence I created.

Which SDK do you use?
Couchbase Server SDK? Sync Gateway REST API? or Couchbase Lite Native/REST API?

Hi Sorry to miss that out.
I use Couchbase Lite iOS (Latest Version) Sync Gateway (Latest Community edition) Couchbase Server (Latest Community edition)

Problem happens while I push it from iOS app to server.

You can get up multiple push handles with different filter condition on each. Check out below link.

Ok so there is no defined deterministic sequence in Push replication, we need to use filters.

But with filters how would we know that other Push replication is finished.

To state clearly I want to upload images (upto 1 MB) onto server followed by one document which conveys server to send push notification.
For that, I can have 2 replications push1 and push2
I would want to start push2 once push1 is over. I can do this by observing push1 replication but this solution not viable if pushing (uploading images) fails in between and want to resume on next app launch or so.