Strange sync gateway sequence values


When I check the /_changes endpoint, I see that the latest documents have sequence values like 57348::57803.

The last_seq data is also in that format.

Why the sync gw is not writing sequence property as a plain numeric value?


The best docs I know of that describe that are here:

under the “Compound Sequences” section. You might also search the Sync Gateway github repo for “Compound sequence”:

If I can find any better docs, I’ll post them here.

Hi @traun,

Now I can understand why it is writing value like that. I guess if I set databases-foo_db-cache-max_wait_pending to something like 15 seconds we can get a non-compounded sequence numbers.

The issue is related with changes feed functionality of sync gateway through web socket. We have a backend server application which connects to sync gw and listens any changes. We were expecting that the sequence number should be an integer value but when it arrives in compound format we get some invalid format exceptions.

So as a result, facing that behaviour is totally normal, it is related with some optimization in sync gw side and I’ll update my application code so that we can get such values from web socket.