Services to use when adding new nodes

Hi there!

From Couchbase’s documentation on Multidimensional scaling, it is said that:

Important: Independent service deployment with multidimensional scaling is only available in the Enterprise Edition of Couchbase Server. The Enterprise Edition also allows unlimited concurrency in query execution. Community Edition can use homogeneous scaling and limits concurrent execution of queries to ensure queries don’t starve the data operations to a maximum of 4 cores per node.

We’re currently using community edition, but when I add a node to the cluster it still asks me which services should run on this node. What happens here, say, if I only select “indexing service”?

Which version are you using? As of 5.0.0CE, we allow three possible node configurations:

  1. data-only
  2. data, index, query
  3. data, index, query, search

Thanks for the reply! I’m on 4.5 Community Edition.

So it is possible to have data-only nodes but not index-only nodes under Community Edition? My question is about the RAM allocation between data RAM and indexing RAM. The settings seem to be per cluster - but I assume if the node is data only, all available Ram would be allocated to data?

In version 5.0 Community Edition, you can have data-only nodes, but not index-only. You are permitted to assign different RAM allocations to the data and index services.

(I’m not able to get 4.5CE working on my machine, so I’m not certain how it allocates memory.)