Configure Cluster with Multi-Dimensional Scaling

Hello friends of couchbase. I would like to configure a cluster of 3 nodes, which present the following characteristics.

Node 1: 60 GB RAM, 10 CPU
Node 2: 60 GB RAM, 10 CPU
Node 3: 60 GB RAM, 10 CPU

I want to configure the cluster with only followers services in each node:

Node 1: Data 60 GB RAM.
Node 2: Data 60 GB RAM.
Node 3: Index GSI 20 GB RAM, Index FTS 40 GB and Query Service

When I try to create the cluster it forces me to place the 4 services in the first node and I do not want that to happen.

As I do to create the cluster without allocating resources for the first node, or that only assigns the resources of the dataa service for example.

SO: Ubuntu 20
Couchbase: Enterprise 7.0 beta

Hi @nelsonxx1,

How are you creating the nodes? What messages are you seeing that forces you to pick all 4 services?

When I create a new cluster and add the first node, I see a configuration screen with checkboxes. I can uncheck all the services (except data, since it’s the first node in the cluster).

Then, when I click “Servers”, you can see that there’s only the one service (data) on this node.

I then added a second server (again, via the UI). I get another set of checkboxes. I chose just query, index, and search.

After adding that, I can go to Server again, and now I see MDS in action. One node with data, one node with query,index,search.

I didn’t get any error messages, nor was I forced to create all 4 services up front. Are you creating the nodes/cluster a different way? Maybe you’re skipping the configuration step and the first node is using the defaults (all services)?

Hi @matthew.groves its problem its here, in the second Node (services Index GSI, Query, Index FTS) , the RAM fee can not change it since it configures the default values

I need change to Index GSI 20 GB and index FTS 39 GB

I don’t quite understand, I think there’s a typo here.

But, when I adding the second node, I was prompted to specify the RAM quota for Index and Search. Were you not prompted for that?

No, I take the default values, once the node 2 (index GSI, Query and Search) as modified the RAM assigned to each service?

I could change the ram quota by the configuration option. After adding the node 2. THK @matthew.groves