Server test install on iMac

iMac, 4 GB mem, 2.5GHz Intel, 10.8.4.

Download successful, CB running/shows in Activity Monitor, now going through the Console Setup process. I don’t have a lot of spare room on the internal disk but have a mostly empty Firewire 800 drive attached. So I launched Terminal, did cd “/Volumes/G-DRIVE Mini” and it worked, able to look around with ls. Over 90% of this 500GB drive is available. Perfect.

Step 1 on the Console is the Databases (and then Indices) path. Currently set to /Users/karl/Library/Application Support/Couchbase/var/lib/couchdb

However I’d like all data to reside on the G-DRIVE… so can I simply replace that with

“/Volumes/G_DRIVE Mini/couchdb” ?? and the same for the Indices path?



I since renamed “G_DRIVE Mini” to just G-DRIVE in order to omit the quotation marks because of the space in the drive name. thanks