How do we set default data storage to desired path when installed using AWS Marketplace


I am trying to install Couchbase server using AWS Marketplace. How do we set the data storage path to desired path. Right now the default storage path is a drive which is just 8 GB of space and as soon as I installed, it occupied more than 80% of space. I have a ebs drive which is like 30 GB.

Kindly let me know how do I map the Couchbase data to another drive of 30 GB which I have added while creating an instance.

Thanking you,

hi, you can mount a new drive and during the initial install, set the storage path for data and indexes during the initial cluster setup screen.

And if you need to do it after the initial cluster install, you can shut down the couchbase-server service, move the data preserving permissions, and use symbolic links to preserve the structure. This is not really a feature of Couchbase Server though, just one of the underlying OS.