Loading Data into CB Server on a Mac

Couchbase Server 2.5.0 installed on an iMac, 4GB 2.5Ghz, 10.8.5.

During the install it asked if I wanted to install the Beer Bucket, knowing I’d want data to work with, I typed YES. Documentation somewhere said there should be over 7000 items in there.

Now using the Console, it tells me there are ZERO.

I looked around and found a JSON Vancouver Trees database, but the article there (2012) said to use ‘cbdocloader’ which is missing from CouchBase’s /bin/tools directory.

Is there a simpler method of getting some test data in here other than uninstalling and starting over?

BTW as I only have ONE Mac with the right OS to load Couchbase on, I get a red SERVERS DOWN message on the Cluster Overview screen. Problem??