SDK documentation fresh-up

Hi, especially lately with the (nice) connection string options, the C SDK documentation is somewhat lagging behind. The fact that a doc search is no longer possible, combined with a complete lack of doc for 2.7.x is somewhat bothersome. Any plans for an upgrade of the doc or for example a recap of all supported connection string options?

There was a problem with the linking to the 2.7.x API reference, which was recently addressed. @mnunberg, do you know if the docs team made this update?

Anything in particular you were looking for @bateau020?

We were still linking to the 2.6.2 docs, but that should have been fixed and merged in - I don’t see it reflected in the current docs though - maybe it’s not yet been rebuilt.

Regarding connection string options - there’s a list of them on the current docs site. There are many ‘unofficial’ options for the connection string, usually for experimental or internal features, and are not documented in the main connection string options list.