Request: Android Extension Library for Paging 3 support

SQLDelight has this. Is this possible so we can do a lot less work to implement it in Couchbase?

I will look into this. I’ve opened ticket CBL-3880]( to track the issue.

Couchbase Lite is a generic library that supports multiple platforms. It is not Android focused and we, typically, do not implement single platform features, especially not UI-focused features. I suspect that this will be a fairly low priority.

Couchbase Lite does support a LIMIT clause on its queries. I should think it would be fairly straightforward to implement a paging feature, using it. If you decide to do so, and would like to make the implementation OSS, we’d be happy to refer to it.

@vincentjoshuaet I’ve implemented paging extensions in my Kotlin Multiplatform library for Couchbase Lite: Kotbase.

I’m using Cash App’s multiplatform-paging library, so it supports all the platforms Kotbase supports (Android, JVM, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows), which maps to AndroidX Paging under the hood for the platforms it supports directly (Android, JVM, iOS, macOS, and Linux x64).

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Nice! Very, very nice!