Couchbase lite for c SDK

we have a requirement in our project, part of P2T(push-to-talk) product on mobile platforms, to move from SQLite DB to couch base lite. we support our product for different handset devices(platforms like android, ios, windows, some of them are embedded devices which runs on threadx as well) .so I was looking for a library (something like couchbase-lite-android) which can be easily integrated on various devices. please let me know if there are any c sdk readily available ?
note: our code is written in c.

thanks in advance !

Unfortunately, Couchbase Lite does not have a C library. We support Objective-C, Swift, Java and C#.

You can call the Java version from C via JNI. (And I’m sure there’s an equivalent for C# but I don’t know its name.)

We’ve done some investigation of building the native Objective-C version for other Unix platforms using GNUstep, but there’s nothing available as a release. You can contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring further investigation of that.