Announcing: Kotlin Multiplatform library for Couchbase Lite

I just released the first public version of my open source Kotlin Multiplatform library for Couchbase Lite: Kotbase.

Write your database logic once and share between native apps on Android, JVM, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. Kotbase supports the community and enterprise edition APIs for Couchbase Lite 3.0, with 3.1 scopes and collections APIs on the roadmap.

Check out the code and example apps on GitHub and docs at Let me know if you have any feedback.


Amazing bit of work, @jeff.lockhart .

This is awesome @jeff.lockhart. I was looking to move our database logic to KMM. We are using the latest version 3.1.1 Looking forward to that release.

Hey, @PShri. That’s great. I’ve begun progress on the 3.1 API on this branch.

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