Remove node for maintenance


i’m a newbie in couchbase and i have to remove one of the node from my existing cluster for some maintenance, i’d like to know should i have to flush the old data if the same server is ready to add into the cluster again?

thank you

When a node is removed from the cluster, it is not initialised anymore. If you add it back you can choose either complete re-add (where all will be discarded automatically) or delta recovery where it will only fill in the gaps of data since you removed it.

So in short: nothing for you to do there, just readd the node to the cluster and you should be good. The admin manual covers this in great detail :slightly_smiling:

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thanks daschl, i did go through the doc but couldn’t see complete re-add or delta recovery as said, anyhow, thanks a lot for your advice

forgot to mention that i’m still using version 2.1


Delta recovery is not available in 2.1, as far as I recall it was added in 3.0. But even in 2.1 if you remove a node and readd it, there is no manual thing you need to do to wipe out that node’s data.

thanks again daschl, will have a try