Recovering documents from previously failed node

I’m trying to understand the implication of a node going down.
If some node goes down in a cluster and we failover, then every docs not yet replicated will be lost.

If later we manage to recover this node, maybe it simply froze and want to check if there is some data we can recover, can we query the data in that node alone?

I understand there is the delta recovery, but that seem to be automated and we may want to perform the recovered docs are not conflicting with docs created in the mean time.

Hi 00christian00,
I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but one option for recovery is cbbackup:

The tool allows you to backup a single node in the cluster and i that way you could read out all documents within that node and then “re-insert” them manually from the backup source to the cluster with the data layer rules you have.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Martines, that was what I was looking for!