Couch base dB get deleted

Hi All

My dB get deleted .is there any way I can restore my data. I have configured it 2 months ago and it contains almost 1000 docs with master data

Please help me out from this situation

Hi @virender.jbnit,

Do you have a backup that you can restore from? Do you know how/why the documents were deleted?


No it’s accidentally node get deleted itself from cluster so no backup . But is there any way I can still recover that node.

Kindly advice


If you setup your bucket(s) to be replicated, then replicas of that data are on the other nodes in the cluster (assuming your cluster is big enough). So you can manually failover the problematic node, and the backup documents will be changed to active. You can read more about replication (intra-cluster replication) here: and failover here:

As for bringing the node back, it depends on what you mean by a node being “deleted”.