Releases in 2018


Do you have any release schedule for 2018? I would like to know if Couchbase Inc. is about to release 5.1.0 or any minor/major version in the next few weeks - especially Community Edition. Number of bugs released in 5.0.0 CE forced me to downgrade back to 4.5.1. I started thinking about using different NoSQL solution (competitors products) which has more stable and more often releases instead of Couchbase Server.


Can you please let me know what are the issues that you ran into? I would like to know the issues so that we can help you resolve them.

Looking forward to hearing from you


Hi @raju,

The issues are mainly connected to XDCR which is useless in 5.0.0. It’s working in one way only (so deleting/updating documents on second cluster is not replicated back to first one). I’ve found multiple issues in your JIRA, which are resolved or in progress but hey - 5.0.0 was released more than 1 month ago! Furthermore I can’t see any information about upcoming hotfix/next release.

Best, Maciej