RedHat OpenShift cartridge for Couchbase

Can anyone clarify if OpenShift cartridge for Couchbase exists? It was pledged by RedHat in 2011 that it will be available…but I can’t find anything on it except this:

Issac Roth, PaaS Master at Red Hat: “Red Hat’s OpenShift is a Platform-as-a-Service that makes it easier for developers to deploy and auto-scale the frameworks, middleware and data sources of their choice in the cloud. In line with the availability of Couchbase Server 2.0, we are announcing the availability of a Couchbase cartridge in OpenShift. Developers can now gain a flexible and scalable data store to build, run and manage applications at web scale in the cloud.”

Hello Zenin,

I appreciate your concern and thank you for checking with us.

Yes, you’re right we had planned to get Couchbase cartridge for OpenShift. There are some architectural limitations on OpenShift and also on Couchbase side that needs to be fixed before we could get the cartridge built. Currently we are still investigating solutions to resolve this and overcome the limitations. Once we make any progress on this I will be happy to update you with when it will be made available.


Thank you Anil for your answer, is there any time frame for this? Its been dragging for the past 3 years…it seems that project for OpenShift enablement might be dormant. Its just frustrating to see that MongoDB cartridge is present in OpenShift repository along with MySQL and MariaDB…but not Couchbase which is a superior product on all sides!

would be interesting known the limitations in openshift, I was thinking about install couchbase by hand inside openshift DIY catridge…but after read it I prefer avoid this…maybe (sadly) I will need learn mongodb