Couchbase openshift operator - server version cannot change

I have installed Cocuhbase operator via marketplace on my local Openshift cluster (v 2.2). To spawn up the cluster, I used the sample “couchbase-cluster.yaml” provided. By default it used” image, but since I want to have CB 7.0.2 I change it to “”.

But it seems the operator won’t pick up that new version and keep creating a CB server with version 6.6.2. I tried cleaning up the whole thing and starting with 7.0.2 but still, the operator creating a server version 6.6.2.

So I was wondering, is the Openshift Couchbase operator comes with a version hardcoded? OR is there anything wrong with my yaml (attached)

Processing: couchbase-cluster_2.yaml… (501 Bytes)