Published Scala 2.13 artifacts?

Scala library on Maven Central contains build for Scala 2.12. Recently, many libraries we depend on now started to drop 2.12 support, moreover, Spark will also support 2.13 very soon (can be built against 2.13 and works, not released yet).

Scala library [1] contains a remark that 2.13 builds are supported. Could you release these builds in your current schedule, or are these available somewhere else?


Hi @zoltan.zvara
Sorry for the late reply, I missed this one.
Scala 2.13 is not yet officially supported, but this is on our roadmap. You can build the 2.13 jar yourself though, with instructions in the README.

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@graham.pople thanks, we had troubles building it (it did not compile), so we did not attempt any further.
We will wait for the official support.

I made two small changes, the build is successful for Scala 2.13