Couchbase Java SDK wrapper for Scala with futures


I’d like to share that we started developing an Couchbase wrapper for Scala.

We ran into some trouble with the Reactive Couchbase Scala implementation and since we’re going to use Couchbase heavily in our backend for our mobile games we’re developing this library heavily primarily for our own use cases.

Nevertheless we thought that our work might be quite useful for others as well and decided to make our work publicly available under the MIT license and we would be very happy to find some helping contributors as well.

You can find our first, but unfinished, results here:

Let me know your thoughts,



Awesome, thanks for sharing! Let me know if you need assistance one way or another. Also @czajkowski might be able to get you a spot in our blog and similar if you are interested in that :slight_smile:

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Thanks, we’ll come back to you if we need your help. A spot in your blog would be more than welcome!