Scala SDK Status

Hi, my company currently uses the ReactiveCouchbase scala library to interact with our couchbase server. I have recently become concerned about the state of it being maintained. After looking through open issues, the maintainer mentioned that he was considering not continuing maintenance due to the potential for couchbase to release an official sdk. I began searching and found this: . I am wondering what the state of this project is. I appreciate any update / thoughts anyone may have on this, as I am trying to figure out what next steps I should take when considering all options for connecting to couchbase using scala.

@daschl can tell you more probably, but yeah this is something we’re working on, although other features of the java client have taken precedence (we had to get ready for the upcoming couchbase server release, currently in dev preview).

I’d say keep an eye open for an official scala client beta/GA announcement and see if it can gradually replace ReactiveCouchbase in your codebase from then on.

Hi @nateefrechette, it’s pretty much as simon said. We have it on the radar and I want to go back working on this as soon as the higher priority topics have cooled down a bit, hopefully in this Q2 at some point.

Btw for now, using the java client with RxScala is also quite nice, even if not perfect but can be used until we ship a “native” scala client :slight_smile:

Do the plans to go back to a Scala native SDK still exist? I’ve been really looking forward to it.

Hey @fabio.serragnoli

Thanks for letting us know of your interest in a Scala SDK.

While we haven’t committed to anything yet, I think I can say that there’s a lot of internal interest in this too, and in fact we are currently working on some internal prototypes. I’ve nothing in the way of timescales or official announcements for you at this point, but - watch this space :slight_smile:

Hi @fabio.serragnoli (and anyone else stumbling on this old forum post) - I’m very happy to report that the Scala SDK is now released in alpha form, and available here:

It can’t yet be used in production due to its alpha status, but we’re working hard on getting it polished up for a full GA release later this year. In the meantime we’d love hear your thoughts - now is the best time to give us feedback to help shape the API, nothing is set in stone yet.