PSA: How SG feels when you do stuff to its bucket

I’d like to remind everyone that the bucket used by Sync Gateway should be considered private to Sync Gateway; don’t make changes to it directly, go through the Sync Gateway REST API instead. The bucket does contain your documents, but also a lot of internal metadata (both inside those docs and in other docs) that’s essential for keeping your Gateway happy and healthy.

Here’s a brief public service announcement dramatizing the effects of going into Sync Gateway’s bucket and making changes:

In the future we will be tightening Sync Gateway’s integration with Couchbase Server so that the metadata is invisibly attached to documents, making it less fragile. But until then, play it safe!


There are NO, repeat, zero, verifiable reports of Sync Gateway attempting to kill people. But for safety’s sake, we recommend that you not instruct Sync Gateway to lie or to withhold mission information from crew members.