Sync gateway docs

I have a bucket that contains docs that are managed by a sync gateway, and some that are not (they’re inserted directly via the java api). I’n my SG logs I’m occasionally seeing messages about the docs that are not:

WARNING: changeCache: Error unmarshaling doc "7de49c8f-1ad5-4e31-997d-d5e9411e344d": <nil> -- db.(*changeCache).DocChanged.func1() at change_cache.go:327

Am I breaking / confusing the SG by having docs in the bucket that aren’t supposed to be synced?

I am no expert. As far as I know it is best practice to manage everything through SG. You may also search for “shadow bucket” if you want to insert documents bypassing the SG. I don’t use shadow buckets so I can’t give further help

That’s not really why I’m doing this. I just don’t want some docs to be available via the SG. I was just too lazy to create a second bucket for them. I’m just wondering if this was a terrible idea

{scratching-record noise}

Whoa, stop there! You can’t do that. Sync Gateway owns the bucket it uses to store documents. You cannot write into the bucket directly or you will mess things up.