SyncGateway metadata documents path

Hi all,

we’re using two pull replication between two Couchbase SG instances, connected to two different Couchbase Servers.
While creating the databases/users/replications, the “_sync:” documents are generated in the collection, to keep track of the changes and synchronization status.

The application working with the data in the replicated collections has then to filter the “_sync:” documents in order to not display them and to not throw any error/exception.

Is there a way to redirect all those metadata documents with the ID prefix “_sync:” to a specific collection, in order to leave the replicated collections free?

This is something we want to do with the introduction of internal system collections added to Couchbase Server recently.

It’s not yet fully on the roadmap in Sync Gateway, but we’re working to get it on there and come up with an auto-upgrade strategy to migrate existing metadata.

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Hi Ben, many thanks for the prompt answer!

Is there any documentation about the newly added “internal system collections” on the Couchbase Server?
Are them introduced with the version 7.2.4?

I would like to know more about them :wink: