Problems installing Couchbase 4.5

Had installed the version 4 of Couchbase uninstall it and try to install version 4.5 of Couchbase and I am getting the following error.

I have installed SqlServer but stopped sqlserver related services.

I’m using Windows 10.

Can resolve the first part of the problem back to a previous restore point and uninstalling with couchbase installer and installing again.

The problem now is that the service does not start couchbase, attached an image trying boot from the console.

could you do a netstat -a and make sure none of the ports here are being taken up by another process -


Check the ports used couchbase and are not being used by another application.

Thank you.

Thanks for your help, and solved the problem in installation was related to antivirus software I was using did not let the installation was done correctly but had stopped antivirus and firewall, if it happens to someone else antivirus software and I was using was firewall Comodo, uninstall it and install again Couchbase and everything is fine.

Roberto, thanks for following up with the ultimate solution. You might just have helped the next guy with the same problem.