CouchBase Uninstall and Install Error

Hi I uninstalled Couchbase Server 6.6.0 version to install the Couchbase Server 6.0.0 version. But am getting some Rollback error while doing this.

@harshit_kesar Thanks for trying out Couchbase product. Can you please give a little bit more information so that we can figure out what is going on?

  1. Which OS platform you are installing the product?
  2. The directory in which you installed 6.6 and the steps you used
  3. How did you uninstall and which directory you tried to install 6.0.0?
  4. What is the error you are getting? Can you share the details?

The more information you can provide, it is easier for us to figure out the problem and provide a solution

Hi thanks for your response.

  1. I am using windows 10 in my laptop.
  2. Directory: C:\Program Files\Couchbase. Steps: I used normally clicked on next next installation.
  3. I first stop the couchbase running service by going into services.msc as it was not allowing me to uninstall. Then i uninstall it from control panel. Then I restart my laptop. I have tried to install in the same directory as well as in the different directory but it’s stilling rolling back on installing.
  4. When I install it went up to 60% success then suddenly roll back because of some issue. I don’t know what excatly the issue.

If you need some logs info then please share the steps how to do that as I don’t have any idea about that. Thankyou

Thanks for the help Query is resolved.

Hi Harshit,

i’m facing same issue, can you please guide me how do you fix this issue.


It seems there is a workaround.

@harshit_kesar i’m facing same issue, can you please guide me how do you fix this issue.