Problems getting the Todo-lite demo up and running with Phonegap

I’m completely new to Couchbase and NoSQL. After mostly following the instructions in “5 minutes to awesome” I’m trying to run the Todo-lite example. I am successful executing “phonegap run ios” but not the android version. But regarding Android, I did not install Ant at first, have subsequently installed it onto the machine, but probably not incorporated it properly into the Android environment. When I “phonegap run android” I get no error messages, the Android emulator opens, but there is no evidence of the app being present.

I have debugged non-couchbase apps using Phonegap Desktop. But when trying the Todo-lite app in the Phonegap Desktop environment I get “Index.html: Couchbase Lite is not installed” on an iPhone, and “Alert: Couchbase Lite is not installed” on my Galaxy Note II (running Android 4.4.2). Should couchbase-lite work with PhoneGap Desktop?

Finally, I have tried PhoneGap Build to get the todo app on my Galaxy, but also received the same Couchbase Lite not installed alert when I start the compiled app. In reviewing the Phonegap Build docs I can’t really see how your setup instructions get the Couchbase-Lite plugin packaged into the app.

I would appreciate any help so I can get started in the Couchbase world.