Phonegap TodoLite Project creation error

Hi, I am trying to create the TodoLite example project. I am always getting the error “Couchbase Lite not installed” and the porject does not seem to work later.

Please suggest what would have gone wrong.
I have followed all the steps as per the “” website.

I get these below logs after i run the project:
Project successfully created.
[ReferenceError: a is not defined]
[error] Cannot set property ‘is_top_level’ of undefined

also i get ,

No project name specified, using project folder name ‘CordovaLib’.
If you wish to change it, edit the first line of build.xml.

Any help is appreciated.Thanks.

Which version of PhoneGap are you using (phonegap -v)? I assume this is for iOS.

I just verified the steps are working with version 3.3.0-0.19.6

I think there may be an issue with a recent version, and the InAppBrowser plugin. If you just install the Couchbase Lite plugin, the app will run, but not have a way to log in. However if you just want to play with it, that’s a good start. And if you are doing a different app you might not need the InAppBrowser plugin.

So maybe by skipping the 3rd party plugins you’ll have a better time? Or you can try to install an old version of the PhoneGap toolchain.

Thanks a lot jchris… I am using phonegap version 3.4 but however,I was eventually able to make that work. Problem was i did not have CLI installed(which is not separetely mentioned anywhere). Doing this, the project was able to run successfully.

Anyone having the same prob can try installing cli : npm install -g cli