Phonegap/Cordova with Backbone.js and Couchbase Lite example

I’m developing phonegap application with phonegap and backbone and I would like to implement couchbase into this project. Bad side is that there are no examples apart from todo-lite which doesn’t show or explain the steps for newbies.

I’m new to NoSQL and phonegap, I have experience in working with regular sql (MySql) but have no idea on how to structure databases, views and even logic that works there.

Reason to choose couchbase as our database system is because the user will be able to make different kinds of files, tables and objects and store them on the device or cloud.

My question is if there are any other examples or advices anyone could give me as a beginner? Or are there any other articles or tutorials on this for newbies?

Hey @Braivo,

Have you looked into the PhoneGap Getting started tutorial here:

Regarding data modeling, have a look at:

Let me investigate on other resources and curious if you may elaborate on the app you are creating.

I came across this article that might be useful to you,