Problem with the odbc driver for power bi connection

Hello, I am a student and I am using couchbase as the database for our project and in order to visualize the data we’re planning on using power bi.

I was following this tutorial Transforming Data into Action: Power BI Connector for Real-Time Insights in Couchbase Analytics but there seems to be a problem related to the ODBC driver, since when i downloaded it and tried to add it to the ODBC Data source admnistrator on my windows 11 the driver didn’t showed up as an option :slightly_frowning_face: i think there might be a problem with the odbc driver because i already uninstalled it and installed it again and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any idea on what might be the problem? Thank you


  1. Use the ODBC Data Source Administrator (64 bit) and not the ODBC Data Source Administrator (32 bit) see : Couchbase Power BI Connector | Couchbase Docs

  2. You need to install Openssl. It is a prerequisite for the Couchbase odbc driver. Couchbase Power BI Connector | Couchbase Docs


i’ve used the 64 bit version and when i try to add the couchbase although it shows up as an option when i click on it, an error message pops up saying that they couldn’t find the path for a .dll file related to the obdc installation although it exists because i checked :frowning:

Can you show the error message or a screen-shot of the message?

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here it is, i am so sorry but it is in portuguese since i am portuguese, but it basically says that “it wasn’t possible to load the configuration routines for the ODBC Couchbase controller (ANSI) due to a system error code 126: Impossible to locate the specified module.” and then it presents the file that wasnt able to locate and as you can see its there

Also, thank you for helping out :slight_smile:

That translates to:

It was not possible to load the configuration routines for the ODBC Couchbase ODBC Driver due to the System Error Code 126: Unable to locate the specified module

When I google for ODBC System Error Code 126, I find this - so there are maybe some other dependencies the dll file needs (?)

126 - This error means that the ODBC driver itself (DLL file) cannot load its dependency files . This could be because the database client software is not installed or its working directory (usually called “bin”) is not in the Windows search path for this computer.

Maybe @janhaviTripurwar has ideas?

i even tried to see if the problem was related to the path of the file not being in the paths of the system and added it and it didn’t solve the problem. also tried to reinstall the driver because i thought that something might have gone wrong, but still got the same error :confused:

Do you have Openssl installed ?
Verify :

  1. Open windows command prompt
  2. openssl version