Problem with the odbc driver for power bi connection - TBC


I’m following up on Problem with the odbc driver for power bi connection since I have the same problem.

I run Couchbase 7.2.4 in a Docker container on a Windows 11 computer with 128GB RAM, trying to use Power BI via the ODBC connector.

I followed the steps in Couchbase Power BI Connector | Couchbase Docs but got the same 126 error, indicating that the DLL could not load its dependencies.

So, I looked into the couchbaseodbcw.dll with Dependency Walker and found this:

It seems that more than 50 dependencies are missing.
Are there any other missing MSI packages that should be installed (from Microsoft)?

All the best / Hakan

Did you first :

Verify Power BI Version

Before you proceed, verify that you have a supported version of Microsoft Power BI Desktop installed. The Couchbase Power BI Connector requires Power BI Desktop version March 2017 or later.

If necessary, download Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft downloads page.

Hi @mreiche, and many thanks for your reply!

My current version of Power BI Desktop is 2.129.1229.0 (24.05), which was released in May 2024.

I still have the problem and look forward to finding the solution with your help.
All the best / Hakan