ORM recommended for Asp.net

I want to use ORM for couchbase in asp.net web application like EntityFrameWork, NHibernet or any other. So I want to know any recommended ORM by CouchBase team and what is the difference between N1QL and ORM?

Hi @shekhar.chauhan,

In the future, you may want to post questions about .NET in the .NET forum: https://www.couchbase.com/forums/c/net-sdk

But to answer your question: document databases don’t have OR/Ms, because the “R” stands for relational.

However, there are some tools called ODMs (Object Data Model) that might give you what you’re looking for. For .NET, I’d recommend you check out the Linq2Couchbase project: https://github.com/couchbaselabs/Linq2Couchbase. Much like Entity Framework, it will allow you to write Linq in your application and generate the N1QL queries.