Operator admin console exposed with LoadBalancer

How do you expose the admin console and other ports (18091,18093, or 8092/8093 etc).?
Operator values have:

exposeAdminConsole - have this set to true, and have LoadBalancer available, but no success.
The comments mentions “TLS and dynamic DNS must also be enabled.”…but not sure where those are defined within the values. Have TLS enabled as well, autogenerated for “encrypt traffic between operator and couchbase” with nodeToNodeEncryption set to ALL.

When I deploy with this configuration, i don’t get an external address…i see a service started with all the ports, and when I describe it I see this:
loadBalancer: {}

But there’s no external IP address assigned, though I can deploy other things with LoadBalancer fine.

I have the admin console exposed through the helm chart with section adminConsoleServiceTemplate set up, but don’t see any docs on how to expose the other ports…

I see an article from Balaji that talks about external DNS, but it’s dated in terms of the secrets, and I don’t need to publicly expose it…Public Network, External DNS & Couchbase Autonomous Operator - The Couchbase Blog

Anybody know what I’m missing to expose ports like 18093/8093?

I have adminConsoleServiceTemplate exposed with LoadBalancer, and dns defined, and exposedFeatures set to client, I get the service/-ui service created with external ip address defined (metallb on-prem), but only the 18091 port is exposed…
How should the other ports be exposed, through another service?

more progress, got the -0000 and -0001 to be exposed through the LoadBalancer, with the config below.
BUT now each instance of the cluster pod is exposed separately…
Anybody know how to make them share a loadbalancer endpoint?

      # -- ServiceSpec describes the attributes that a user creates on a
      # service.
        type: LoadBalancer
          domain: mydomain.com
        type: LoadBalancer
      - client

Glad you were able to make progress on your own on this. At the moment it’s not possible to have multiple nodes share a single endpoint, but it is something we’re considering for the future. cc @ingenthr @malarky