Can we install and access the couchbase cluster with operator 2.2 with Load Balancer with Http(no HTTPs)?

when i enable dns.domain, it is insisting to add tls values, wanted to know if we can install CB cluster without tls (https) ?

This feature was designed to place the cluster on the public internet, and as such there was no way I was going to allow operators to expose their users’ data over a plain text connection. That’s why it’s done that way.

Is there some other network topology you have in mind?

My requirement is to install the CB cluster with OP on Azure K8s and access CB UI through Load Balancer on plain Http. I tried with there network values to access it on Load balancer but ui is not accessible. May i know what is the problem and what other values i need to set.
exposeAdminConsole: true
- data
adminConsoleServiceType: LoadBalancer
- xdcr
exposedFeatureServiceType: LoadBalancer

If it’s just the UI you are after, consult our lovely docs Access the Couchbase Server User Interface | Couchbase Docs and just deploy an Ingress. I do warn you that using plain HTTP people will be able to see your username and password, and pwn the cluster… that’s why I’m eager for everyone to use TLS.

Thanks simon. with ingress it works but wanted to know how we can access ui with load balancer from public network, if so values need to be customized.

You can and only should do with TLS - that is the Couchbase recommendation.
Ingress is an alternative but with that warning about the negative security posture it leaves you in.