Unable to connect node.js application client (on my laptop for testing and development) to couchbase k8 cluster hosted on AWS

I’ve hosted 2 clusters one with TLS with LoadBalancer, External DNS(Route53) as per autonomous operator 1.2* and another with only NodePorts, but the only problem is with connection between hosted couchbase database and my local node.js application for dev & testing over internet ( i know we can container-ize the code and run as a pod in the same cluster) but for development purpose we want to access the couchbase over internet

Cluster with TLS, Route53 (External DNS)

  • Able to access admin interface running on different as per service, able to create cluster and all other configurations
  • Unable to connect with domain name, i’ve tried with loadbalancer DNS name but of no use, tried to use NodePort for admin still no luck

Cluster with out LB, ExternalDNS only NodePort exposed service

And i’ve verified admin port using telnet which working fine and accepting connection request, so that i can ensure that ip and port was reachable

I’m facing different types of error few with generic, timeout, TCP DNS/Hostname unresolved, i don’t know whether the problem is with connection string or hosted cb server, i’ve verified docs multiple times and configured in several ways

For the first case – when using public connectivity – please read the following https://blog.couchbase.com/autonomous-operator-1-2-0-public-connectivity/ as that will tell you how to debug internet issues and hopefully find a root cause. That should give us more to go on.

In general the documentation for 2.0 is much better around networking https://docs.couchbase.com/operator/2.0/concept-couchbase-networking.html. Although the data structures have changed, the core behavior has not. See if they are more helpful…

Let us know how you get on and we can delve deeper if needs be.

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