Couchbase Web Console not responding on Ubuntu 18.04 server

I have installed couchbase community server on Ubuntu 18.04 server and when I open myIpAdress:8091 it’s not responding.

I have allowed 8091 port also still the same issue.

sudo ufw allow 8091

What I’m doing wrong or missing

Hi chawki,
Thanks for using our products.
You need to open other ports which require Couchbase server.
Here is document which shows ports you need to open

If you have any question, drop me a line at thuan at couchbase dot com
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@thuan thanks for the response, I’m new to couchbase and not yet gone through everything in the couchbase documentation I just need to start using the couchbase and then I can learn upon it, I had built my application on couchbase server and now I need to switch to production, I really don’t have enough time to study the documentation and what I now needed is. open the couchbase web console -> create a cluster -> create a bucket -> then starting using, that all.

I had installed the couchbase community server on my EC2 ubuntu server 18.04 now what should I do to open the CB web console? I expect the answer here.

Thank You